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  • Guidance Secretary-EMIS Coordinator

    Ashland County-West Holmes Career Ctr.
    Job Description
    Date:  August 3, 2018
     Position:  Guidance Secretary/EMIS Coordinator (Education Management Information System) 
    Qualifications:  The Guidance Secretary/EMIS Coordinator shall have at least a high school diploma. Post-Secondary business school training or equivalent secretarial work experience is desirable. The successful candidate will possess strong organizational, communications and computer skills; complete work accurately and in a timely manner; and have the ability to work well independently or with others.  An acceptable score on a pre-employment test may be required.
    Duties:  The Guidance Secretary/EMIS Coordinator:
    • is directly responsible to gather, input, submit and maintain all state required EMIS information/data following State guidelines. 
    • attends various workshops and conferences as required.
    • follows office protocols.  Monitors record keeping procedures to ensure a consistent standard for the accurate and timely collection, verification, recording, and retention of program data.
    • prepares computer documents.  Maintains a systematic filing system that supports the efficient retrieval of records.  Performs back up procedures to safeguard electronic/digital information.
    • conceptualizes, evaluates, prioritizes and solves complex problems independently.
    • follows complex instructions and recognizes/corrects errors independently.
    • keeps the administrators aware of work progress and pending deadlines
    • coordinates data with home schools.  Coordinates the transfer of data between district building and the state data acquisition site.
    • serves as a liaison to the state data acquisition site.  Attends training programs.  Communicates updated information to staff responsible for data collection/processing.  Helps train staff as needed.
    • monitors compliance with state guidelines.  Maintains all required records (e.g., pupil demographics, academic courses, student testing information, attendance, etc.).
    • prepares letters, memos, notes, E-mails, etc.  Maintains calendars/schedules as directed.
    • processes incoming, outgoing and interoffice mail and faxes.
    • Provides technical support for student scheduling activities.
    • Gathers, inputs, submits and maintains all state required EMIS information/data following state guidelines.                
    Contract:  2018-2019 contract for 220 contracted days during the school year with benefits, 8 hours per day, including 6 paid holidays. 
     Salary:  Placement on the Secretarial Board Adopted Salary Schedule.
     Application:  Please apply in writing to the Superintendent’s Office as soon as possible. 
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