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      America's #1 Choice for Satellite Internet
      Getting high-speed Internet by satellite is easier than ever

      We sell all over the lower 48 states. Let us help you select the best system for your needs!

      If you're in a rural area without access to Broadband or DSL, HughesNet's satellite service is the right choice for you! With a high speed internet connection, you will be able to breeze through webpages and emails fast, quickly upload those digital pictures, download new music, or watch that funny clip non-stop, with no wait!

      You'll have more fun just surfing the internet without the hassle of waiting and waiting between every click. So stop suffering with slow dial-up and start surfing at high-speeds today!

      1. Available everywhere1 - Even where cable and DSL won?t reach.
      2. Always-on - Dialing in and logging on is a thing of the past.
      3. Reliable - From the leader in broadband by satellite.
      4. Best Service - Outperforms Skyway, Starband and Wild Blue
      5. No phone line needed - Frees up your phone, no missed calls.
      6. Fast - Surf and open web pages instantly
      7. Network - Share internet with multiple computers/devices
      8. Compatible - Works with both Windows and Mac PCs
      9. Secure - Send and receive critical information with peace of mind